What We Do

AirInsight monitors, analyses and reports on the commercial aerospace and aviation industry.

Our affiliate, AirInsight Research undertakes consulting work, via reports, briefing calls and on-site visits.  Our team combines broad  information sources with an experienced understanding of how the parts fit together.

How We Work

AirInsight – our team is invited to, or attends, industry events, from where we report our views. We also provide views from industry news.

AirInsight Research – our team is typically hire  on an annual retainer basis, or on a per project basis.  We insist on NDAs for mutual protection. This team is not limited to commercial aerospace, as it also covers military areas.

Areas of Work

  •  Aerospace OEMs – from large firms to smaller companies in the supply chain
  •  Airlines – providing advisory services to fleet management
  •  Lessors – providing advisory services
  •  Financial analysts – program reviews and economic comparisons