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AirInsight offers subscription and free content.

Please use this page to sign up for access to our premium subscription content.  Subscribers have access to all our premium content.

Premium content comes out at least once per week.  This content offers a deeper look into issues with supportive data and analysis. At the end of the year, we combine all these stories into an annual which is sent to subscribers. If you want to see one of these to get an idea of what the premium content looks like, please email us.

Our free content covers commercial aerospace-related news and events. Events include program updates, roll-outs and others we are invited to. We try to record important presentations wherever possible. The benefit of these recordings is that you can see the presentation and presenter exactly as they performed.  (This is very popular with members of the media.  If they find it useful, so will you.  Here is a link to our YouTube channel.)  You get to make your own informed deductions. We want to give you raw source material. We may offer an opinion, but you will be able to see why and how we came to our conclusions. In addition, we offer a library of images we are building from these events.

AirInsight deliberately does not break news. There are many sources for that. Our approach is to explain what the news means.

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When you subscribe via email we will send your invoice via where you can complete the transaction securely using a credit card or checking account.

If you only want the content from a specific story, please email us to tell us which one you want and we will email a PDF to you.  The cost is $100 per story.